Work experience in the branch

The Oil pipeline OPK «Southern» - Western Ukraine ( oil pipeline «Odessa - Brody»), length 670 km is one of the greatest and strategically important project which are built by PJSC «FIRM «NAFTOGASBUD» as General Contractor.

In 2000- years the company executes caring out of the “Brody – State border” oil pipeline from emergency zone in Transkappathian region, length 60 km and Ø 500 mm pipes, length 60 km Ø 700 mm pipes, take part in construction of the second branch of „Ananiev-Izmail” gas pipeline, length 20 km and Ø 1220 mm pipes, „Zhulyn-Nadvirna” oil pipeline, length 85 km and Ø 500 mm pipes, gas pipelines to towns Ulianivka, Gaivoron, Ladyzhynka village and „Pobuzhskyi feronokeleviy kombinat” Ltd., length 90 km and Ø 325 mm pipes.

At the same time were built and take into exploitation other important objects of firm, namely: Gaivske gas condensate field, gas pipeline to Rivne industrial complex, “Drogobuch-Kalush” oil pipeline, Bilche-Volytsia gas field is equipped.

The problem of water pipeline rehabilitation of Lviv city was actual within 2000-years. At that time the company takes part in “Complex program of water supply for Lviv city”.

In 2006 by efforts of company was finished construction and put into exploitation the most powerful in Ukraine “Budzen-II” pumping station using modern European and world technologies.

In 2007 the company together with Indian partner has won in Tender for construction of gas pipeline (30", 128 km,) on territory of India. For 2007 – 2009 the specialists of firm have rendered qualified assistance in supervision of main technologic stages of construction and in construction management.

For 2007-2010 the company has executed capital rehabilitation of “Brody-State Boarder” oil pipeline. The reconstruction of oil pipeline across Dnister river on km 108 was executed at first during all construction time by directional horizontal boring.

During last years PJSC «FIRM «NAFTOGASBUD» has carried out construction of «Armiansk-Dzankoy» gas pipeline on Crimea territory, takes part in complex construction program of objects for «EURO-2012» and others important projects.

Taking into consideration the developed and branched network of automobile and railway roads of Ukraine, saturation of routes with engineering obstacles the construction of main pipelines on territory of our country and in mountains and seismic regions, especially, - in a complex engineering process which need assiduous construction preparation, responsible experience and qualification of personnel.
The level of engineering complexity of above-said pipelines, and the experience of long working of company has also shown that the successful erection and putting into exploitation in time the great dimension main pipelines is possible only at keeping the necessary order and requirement for preparation of construction and erection of objects.