Historical-information certificate of production activity of PJSC "FIRMA" NAFTOGAZBUD "


PJSC "FIRMA" NAFTOGAZBUD" was established on February 12, 1957 on the basis of the trust" Ukrzakhisnaftogazbud ", which was directly involved in the construction of all significant objects in the oil and gas sphere in the territory of the former Soviet Union (gas pipelines:" Union "," Brother " Torzhok-Dolyna, Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhhorod, Ivacevichy-Dolyna, Kremenchuk-Aianyev-Chernivtsi-Bogorodchapy; oil pipelines: "Druzhba", "Kremenchuk-Snegurovka-Odessa") and many others.
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With the participation of the production facilities of PJSC FIRMA NAFTOGASBUD, all three-trunk pipelines were transported, which transport gas and oil from Siberia to Western Europe; backbone gas and oil pipelines on the territory of Ukraine and various objects of oil and gas complex abroad. The specialists of the firm were involved in the construction of the first domestic commodity base for the production of ethylene-propylene, installation for the production of anti-corrosion inhibitor, transit gas pipeline "USSR - Turkey", elimination of the earthquake in Armenia, implementation of the Chornobyl program for construction of gas pipelines and facilities household purpose.

PJSC "FIRMA" NAFTOGASBUD "conducts turnkey construction of objects of oil and gas complex, namely:
  • construction of main oil and gas pipelines, gas supply systems, oil pipelines, water pipes with a diameter up to 1420 mm (56");
  •  compressor and pumping stations;
  •  reservoir parks;
  •  oil terminals;
  •  construction of underground gas and oil storage facilities;
  • arrangement of gas and oil fields;
  •  industrial objects with a full set of structures and premises of coastal (gabion) and flood control structures, dams; objects of auxiliary purpose(highways, energy, communications, water, sewer, etc.)
  • residential, public and other infrastructure.
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